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Spirit Rock

How Does it Work?

The Spirit Rock at Ocean Bay Middle is provided by the Ocean Bay Middle School to create an awesome opportunity for you to send special sentiments to your child or your friends.  You can reserve the OBM Spirit Rock for $15! Your reservation begins at 4:00pm the day PRIOR to your actual date (this will give you time to paint the rock) and will end at 3:59pm (to give the next day's reservation to prepare). Reservations and payment must be submitted by using 

​Helpful Tips

Wear old clothes! Wall paint or spray paint will probably stick to the rock best. It may take 2-4 cans of spray paint to make a base coat. Spray paint may be harder to avoid the grass, but may dry faster than latex paint. You are responsible for purchasing and applying all paint. What you don’t use this year can be stored for use next year. Don't forget to respect our school grounds and the environment!

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